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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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street safety mark carcinoma well, who is entering a new venture in his life moving to southern california. but he's leaving a tremendous legacy in san francisco as he begins a new chapter of his advocacy in los angeles. the best process come from the ground up when residents can advocate for street safety they want to see. as the resident of district one i think he lives in supervisor reed's district but he's already been on the looking for seniors or bicyclists as well and he would always tweet whatever accidents he saw out his window.
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i got a lot of them. especially on masonic and i want to thank mark for catching collisions and near collisions and injuries that the police reports don't even show. and his leadership of fixed masonic was critical i think to a successful passage her at the board of supervisors and the transportation authority. he teamed up with safety and mark farrell has been actually but they worked with my office and the police department to build a solution oriented to stop bike thefts in san francisco. and more recently, i think he's the one supervisor kim mention the death of the 2424-year-old
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bicyclists but mark was the one who found the video and apparently we're looking into this now the police didn't survey the businesses around the neighborhood so mark was the one who went door to door and found information. so san francisco is a satisfactory city because of marks eyes and i know mark is lucky to being a wonderful force. i'll be there to support him and thank you for 345k san francisco
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a satisfactory place. and my last item is to job in the fog run the richmond district. it's organized by the blog and thank you for the information for our neighborhood but this coming sunday we are meeting at the park and it's thirty bucks to run and it benefits the richmond center and many other programs as well. i wanted to thank our local small businesses for chip in its only 3.4 miles to job but the green apple books and spark i didn't see balloons and the san francisco toyota business as well and the cartoon i thought
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who don't a lot of work so, please join us and the rest i'll submit >> supervisor wiener and a thank you madam clerk. >> i have one introduction. first in june of 2012 i sponsored a hearing relating to street lights in san francisco and specifically the challenges that we have around the infrastructure of our 45 thousand street lights maintained by both the puks and pg&e. the hearing was very inform active learning about the 70 san but learning about the unacceptable time to fix street lights once they were reported.
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during the hearing we also talked about the need to move our street light system from a revolutions focused to a very tall light that is not focused open sidewalks that can be easily blocked by trees. at the hearing pg&e made varies knitting commitments how to improve its delivery of street light services and it's been 15 months and we're going to be scheduling a hearing to see what progress if any has been made to consider what our optioned are. so i look forward to working with puc and pg&e and then sets us on a good road to improving
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our quality of lights. i'm also introducing a resolution today which i'm going to ask we adopt an agenda delaying this friday september 6th to be the day of honoring jose. you won't repeat what the supervisor said but to note for those of us in the lgbt community who are in public office we see today it can be challenging at times. there's still so many barriers as an lgbt official and still so many stereotypes what you can and can't do and appeal to a board enough contingent.
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in intuitively to imagine unfor stoild as every part of the city as a gay man in the 60s is just - in the early 60s and jose has already been a role model to us. i had the honor to sit and chat with him on a number of occasions and it's just a - he's a tremors human being and a real loss to our community. he's in a better place now he had a rough place in the beginning. i want to thank supervisors campos and chu as well as supervisor kim for
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co- sponsoring the resolution the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> today, i'm introducing a resolution to ask the public works not to exceed the revenue. i appreciate the supervisors who all agreed to be co-sponsors of this resolution. just a little bit of background in 2007 a superfluous amount of board adopted the aggravation revenue plan. in 2009 the board unanimously approved the services.
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the sf. puc staff officers customers a hundred percent renewable resources. in december of 2011 they endorsed a contract and they authored the contract. and in september of 2012 a sprurt majority of board approved 19 point plus to approve the program. the committee was brought up to date on the issues. on july '89 including four members who are co-sponsors
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voted unanimously to approve it not to exceed the rate yet on 2012 e 2013 while the board was on legislative break they vote to request the motion not to exceed rate. the rates fairness board has determined that clean twoerp phase program is technically fair and it's a policy choice. well, the board of supervisors is the body of the city and county of san francisco and over the course of 89 years the numerous changes the board of supervisors has consistently and overwhelmingly sponsored the sf. it will bring us 1 hundred percent power and b will create
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new jobs for san franciscans. i support clean power sf but if you don't support this the board of supervisors must protect it's authenticity. the public authority commission is contradicting the board of supervisors and i urge you not to delay that. supervisor avalos >> i want to thank the supervisor to moved on the clean power sf. may office met with her office over the break and came up with a strategy is it pass this constitutional crisis with the policymaking body to set clean power for 70 and the public commission department is delaying us.
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i'm very, very concerned as we want to reduce our greenhouse emissions this is one of the main policies we have to do that we can have a clean pathway to do. but the politics have gotten in the way i've talked to the commissioned of public commission and they've been lobbied by the mayor's office to vote or delay this program. there have been many excuses that don't add up. and not to exceed the rates they left the staff scratching their heads in terms of new program designs to get the commissioners to approve that not to exceed rates. there's no indications that they care about this program they
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want to delay it. this is not something we can 24r0r9 something here we've put so much work into this. i want to make sure we move forward with a strong resolution and london breeds office has done a good job and i'm co- sponsoring that resolution before us i guess next week. other items i'm working on calling for a letter of inquiry from the city attorney's office on the new department of justice memoranda 3 went out thursday on marijuana leg shin and the enforcement is the department of judicious will be doing to their department across the country and a wondering what the quack will be human resources we've seen many get shut down because of the enforcement of the department of judicious and a
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want to make sure we can protect the mc d to make sure they can provide the access they can provide so people can get on with their lives and life better lives. also hearing requests that's going to be covering the department of the environment municipal green 0 house emissions report. there was a story that came out in the examiner by josh showing that the report has indicated that we're well below our 20 pictures reductions from 2005 levels that we had to have in place we actually had 12.2 percent. how can we get back on track to meet the greenhouse standards.
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and it's not enough to say we're going to set those goals we have to make sure we achieve those goals with real changes in behavior and the rest i'll submit. thank you >> mr. president, that concludes the comments. >> why don't we go to our first recommendations. supervisor breed - i'm sorry, i can't hear i >> president chiu mine will be for next week. >> why don't we go to supervisor kim. why don't we go to public comment madam clerk >> at this time the public may commit within the items of the jurisdiction of the board including the items without
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reference to committee calendar. please know that those that have been subject to the agenda can't be commented on and please direct our comments to the board payroll folks using translation services please have an interpreter >> thank you very much let's hear from the first speaker. >> (speaking foreign language)
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ladies and gentlemen, welcome. welcome to after one months we go far away and you go far away from us. i hope you coming today with spirit mind and a good idea to help and do it for our future in this city. today, i'm going to open my heart to every one of you after 31 year i keep it in my heart. today is september 3802013. i make a big mistake in my own life. in september 3, 1982. i married an american woman i
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met her in greece. she never tell me the truth about her life. my life has been child abused by her own family. my wife used to have 28 different personality. i am here on her behalf or anyone like her to open your eyes that's the time we can make it to protect every child from his crazy family. >> thank you very much. thank you. next speaker just one at that time, please.
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mr. deputy sheriff. >> good afternoon supervisors stop corporate rate from the friends of the library. if you listen to my comments you'll remember that i said that the financial report to the california state general for the year ending 2012 was finally available and it showed that the frenzy he thought lib expended the friends innovation and it was 2 hundred and 13 thousand or 4.4 percent of the total. you remember on may 21st i reported to you that the friends of the lib provided a discretionary fund budgeted at 65 thousand per year and such
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gifts were not closed on the required form. and that the california fair political practices commission had nountdz it was investigating my complaint. pugh you might ask about this. if you look at the friends gifts to the legislator the total is $4,102. the reason is that the california f p pc is looking over their shoulder and they're only giflg what they can willfully report. the friends don't give anything at all. not only will the board of supervisors not hold private fundraiser account but they know thaim they'll arrest the citizens its david chu's offices that protects the graph.
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david chu having me arrested does not solve the societies problems and the lies cost more than the money >> >> next speaker, please. >> members the board of supervisors. what you see on the screen right now if they will put it up an order i placed it in july of 2011 more than two years ago. mr. herrera constantly withheld records until finally the task force sent this letter to the board of supervisors six months ago asking you to take action so
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when are we going to do this? no takers. you you know the sunshine ordinance says your entitled to answer. i go to my member of the supervisors but that's mr. chu he doesn't not like to talk to his constituents. now let me point out one thing. after you have retaliated against the former members of the task forces lead by weaning those are your members of the sunshine members of the task forced. and i all sit there looking at
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each other. i was originally going to yell out one of you sit your fat asss in your seats. you leave the room you have private conversations and you'd have the sheriff take us out and arrest us. what a bunch of hypocrites >> thank you. next speaker. >> ladies and gentlemen of the audience and for the record i've been a city and county resident for 44 years. i'm also a holder of a malin over the past 2 to 3 years the
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city has been raping taxi drivers and putting finances on us in order to enhance their revenue to increase the coffers to the sfmta. they're putting taxi drivers in hock when the sfmta takes a hundred thousand off the top. i'm a taxi driver and their forcing me to turn my medallion over to the city when they were supposed to giving me my medallion to buy my own taxi and the wheelchair industry for 3 years. i show you something here very briefly that the ramp taxi in the city and county of san
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francisco gets final side for up to $150 a month where he pickup walkers. they're not given to us by the mobile agency that are nonprofits in the city and county of san francisco they get millions of dollars and they want to get us to do their bikd and they fin us. i've been paying those finances for two years now. i tell you as supervisors in the city and county f this is fraud. and that's it >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors
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i'm peter executive director of library users association. earlier this afternoon some of you mentioned some great contributors to our city it recently died. i'm wanting to say that the city a honored to have some excellent seniors still living on this side of the podium and to a point out a new book. last month this b of a's book was published not in my library. it's written by the sanford a long term head librarian in minnesota. the library has 5 of his titles.
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the forward is by a pass president of the library association. this book has in the index 5 mentioned for james and 4 mentions for myself and apparently no more than 3 for any other individual. on page 10 in the introduction mr. bierman was interviewed on the occasion of getting the highest award an page 10 he says without doing a humiliate trip i'd like to share this award with and there's some bullet items and the last one is 5 activists who love libraries so much they're willing to fight
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for them. and he mentions a number of others. thanks very much >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> my name is jean. i'm quoting in and out of context progress publishes printing 1966 in the union of soviet sober i thought republics. but everyone who died in the spring of 1945 were positive it belonged to son-in-law. in 1945 to collapses of the third right in the efforts of nazi creek to hold for the crimping interior. quote wednesday february '78 the
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furor spoke and ss crew would have was an separately colorful finger. and it was the right fewer and was the his letters were right hand. when is war was drawing close he had to came back allies of coming to terms. and joint action against the soviet union. he established contact with the va can and then a gentleman in waiting kablthd allen douglas who is in swid land at the time. your strategy influence with long talks was started. the rosens entered and wolf
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informed hitler and the mediation was discussed, connotation and orientation and super national piety >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm stan i live on john street i'm here representing the san francisco committee for flown utilities. i know you've heard from us before to place all utilities underground it will make the city satisfactory and it's the right thing to do. task forces have laid auto ways to do this


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